Rhea and I make improvisations.  We don't really discuss what we're up to until after we have done it, and even then we just usually end up talking about old episodes of 30 Rock or other life-enriching matters.

These two pieces are from our first public duo improv performances on a weekend in December 2011 - one is from Saturday and the other from Sunday, and each one has its own special flavor.  I'm there, but you won't see me until the bows at the end.

This one is from our 2011 work / play sessions.

In April 2011 we performed in Birmingham's Railroad Park as part of Sanspointe Dance Company's Dances Along the Line.
Rhea & I did a choreographed duo which turned into an improvised TRIO with Sycamore (right).
You can see the whole thing HERE

:: photo by Larry O. Gay ::

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