Hey!  It's a Chad Fisher Group music video!
This footage of "The Return" from 2005's Dog Parade album was shot by
George Omura at Bare Hands Gallery as we recorded, and afterward he lovingly
 assembled the pieces for your enjoyment.

Hey!  It's a LIVE Chad Fi...well, just watch it.

"Into Space" from Strange Waters (2011), courtesy of George Omura,
 live at Birmingham's Bottletree in July of 2011


Dirt Road (mp3 - 5:35)

No. 52 (mp3 - 5:26)

Session's End (mp3 - 5:26)

Dog Parade (mp3 - 4:10)

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The CFG at Bare Hands Gallery (the gallery's last ever jazz event) in December of 2010:
Chad, Omari, Gary, me, Tim, Rob, Matt (barely), and Mark -
check out Dennis Tyler's sweet human-head-sized microphone apparatus thing!
:: photo by Larry O. Gay ::

This speaks for itself.
I just want to tell you that it was made by Steve Lewis & George Omura,
featuring music by the Chad Fisher Group.

:: Who did this?  This is SO AWESOME. ::

The Chad Fisher Group at Ona's Music Room

March 2, 2012
Chad - trombone
Gary Wheat - tenor saxophone
Matthew DeVine - keys
Fun drum solo at 6:40!

shot & uploaded by George Omura 

One more from the same night...