Go HERE RIGHT NOW to listen to the Michael Glaser Quintet in August 2012 at Ona's Music Room, thanks to the recording skills and archiving acumen of Dennis Tyler!  Listen right at the site using the player (black box) on the right side of the screen, or download a ZIP file of the whole show for FREE (easy, quick & no email address or Social Security # required) with the "VBR ZIP" link in the white box on the left side of the page.  Peruse Dennis Tyler's other recordings, too!

Personnel for this show:     Rob Alley - trumpet          Gary Wheat - tenor sax          Carlos Pino - guitar          Todd Brasher - bass   (Thanks, guys!!!)

Here we are at Marty's in April 2012, doing Charles Mingus' 
"Nostalgia In Times Square".

Rob Alley - trumpet
Briana Carrasquillo - tenor saxophone
Carlos Pino - guitar
Tim Carroll - bass

Thanks to George Omura for capturing & uploading it!

The Quintet at Marty's, July 2012: Carlos Pino, Briana Carrasquillo, Rob Alley, me, Tim Carroll (L to R)

:: photo by Dan Josephs ::