The Reputable Quintet is my ticket to celebrate some of my favorite jazz styles, sounds, composers & performers.  Our focus is on jazz that is both compositionally stimulating and super-swinging (tunes by Horace Silver, Wayne Shorter, Peter Erskine, & Dave Douglas are all in our bag), and most of the transcribing and arranging is by the band members.  I keep a growing wish list of tunes from my record collection that I really enjoy and want to eventually perform, many of which don't have published charts or lead sheets, and this group is the result of tackling that list one tune at a time, pencil and piano in hand, hitting the rewind button over & over as I chart what I'm hearing.  The rest of the Reputable Quintet is

Rob Alley - trumpet
Jon Noffsinger - tenor saxophone
Pedro Luis Mayor - piano
Chris Kozak - bass

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Big thanks to Dennis Tyler for recording & archiving the show!

Performing Peter Erskine's "To Be Or Not To Be"
at the U of A in September 2011 - drum solo 'til 1:55 or so

I transcribed and arranged this from Peter's original recording which appears on his album Sweet Soul. Thanks & a big HUZZAH! to Peter for the beautiful tune and the ongoing inspiration.


"Some Other Time" by Leonard Bernstein/ Comden & Green

Many of the harmonic ideas in this arrangement are from the wonderful Ballad Session by tenor saxophonist Mark Turner in which he alters some of the chords and colors found in the original version. I transcribed those ideas from Mark's album and then checked out a lead sheet for the original chords and created this version based on those two.

"Dee Wee" by New Orleans drumming legend James Black (RIP)

My friend Gary Wheat was learning this one for an audition; I borrowed his chords
and so all I had to do was transcribe the melody.  This has been a very tough, very
fun tune to learn- it's in 5 with a bar of 3 in it every once in a while to make your
life difficult.  Check out Ellis Marsalis' version on Whistle Stop, which has a
 bunch more great James Black tunes.