Check out this film by L.C. Crowley that features our song
            "How Can You Sleep?"  We shot it on the top (un-air-conditioned)
             floor of an old building in July of 2008 in downtown Birmingham.  
             Mr. Crowley is one of my personal heroes for instigating this project 
             and seeing it through with class and style.

The White Oaks v. 1.0: Noel Johnson, Matt Jackson, me, Scott Thrift  
:: photo by Jared Ragland ::


Stare It Down (mp3 - 3:43)

Holy Waters Rising (mp3 - 5:20)

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The White Oaks v. 2.0: new guy Joey Seales on the far left
 :: photo by Jared Ragland ::

:: Do you know who shot this photo?  If so, please let me know! ::

Summer 2011
:: photo by Abbey Gore ::